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Child Identification

This notice is to inform parents of the child identification, location, screening, and evaluation activities to be conducted throughout the year by the local school district in coordination with Oklahoma State Department of Education.  Personally identifiable information shall be collected and maintained in a confidential manner in carrying out the following activities:


                Preschool children ages 3 through 5 and students enrolled in K-12 who are suspected of having disabilities which may require special and related services may be referred for screening and evaluation though the local school.  Local school district and the Regional Education Service Center coordinate with the Sooner Start Early Intervention Program in referrals for identification and evaluation of infants and toddlers who may be eligible for early intervention services birth through 2 year of age or special education and related services beginning at 3 years of age.  The Oklahoma Area Wide Service Information System (OASIS) through a toll free number (1-800-420ASUS),  also provides statewide information and referrals to local schools and other service providers.


                Screening activities may include vision, hearing and health. Other screening activities may include review of records and educational history; interviews; observation; and specially developed readiness or educational screen instruments.  The Regional Education Service Center provides assistance and consultation to local schools in this effort.

Readiness Screening

Personally identifiable information is collected on all kindergarten students participating in school wide screening to assess readiness prior to entry into first grade.  Results of the screening are made available to parents or legal guardians, teachers, and school administrators.  No child is evaluated without prior notice to the child’s parent of legal guardian or whose parent or legal guardian has filed written objection with local school district.

Educational Screening

Educational screening includes accepted procedures for the identification of children who may have special learning needs and may be eligible for special education and related services in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Each school district in the state provides educational screening.  No child shall be educationally screened without prior notice to the child’s parent or legal guardian or whose parent or legal guardian has filed written objection with the local school district.  Educational screening is implemented for all first grade students each school year.  Second through twelfth grade students shall be screened as needed or upon request of the parent, legal guardian or teacher.  Students entering the public school system from another state or from within the state without previous educational screening shall be educationally screen within 6 months from the date of such entry.  Evaluation means procedures used in accordance with federal laws and regulations to determine whether a child has a disability and the nature and extent of the special education and related services that a child needs.  The term means procedures used selectively with a individual child and does not include basic test administered or procedures used with all children in the school grade or class.  Written consent of the parent or legal guardian for such evaluation must be on file with the local school district prior to any child receiving an initial evaluation for special education and related service purposes.

Collection of Personally

Educational records containing personally identifiable information collected by schools in the identification, location, screening and evaluation of children shall be maintained in accordance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Policies and Procedures for Special Education in Oklahoma.  School districts develop and implement a local policy regarding the collection, storage, disclosure, and destruction of confidential student records.  Parents may obtain a copy of the local policy from the local school district’s administrator.

These are the rights of parents and children regarding personally identifiable information in accordance with FERPA.

 To inspect the students’ education records; to request the amendment of education records to ensure that they are not inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the student privacy or other right; to consent to disclose education records, except where consent is not required to authorized disclosure; to file complaints with the Family Policy and Regulation Office, United State Department of Education, Washington, D.C. 20202, concerning the alleged violations of the requirement of FERPA; and to obtain a copy of the FERPA policy adopted by the local school district upon request being made to the local school administrator.  Before any major identification, location, or evaluation, schools shall provide notice to parents.  Accommodations for other languages or means of communications may be provided upon request.  Such notice shall occur at least annually prior to conducting theses activities and shall include the rights of parents under FERPA.

 For further information contact the Superintendent, 2134 Lincoln, Waynoka, OK  73860; 580-824-6561.