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ACT Testing

10th Grade Students

The PRE-ACT is administered through Waynoka Public School. We will register the students during school, and the will take the test during school. The PRE-ACT is scheduled for November 7, 2018. Please make sure the students stay in the typical morning routine and get plenty of rest the night before. 

PDF Practice Tests

ACT Practice Test 2015-2016

ACT Practice Test  2014-2015

ACT Practice Test  2011-2012

ACT Practice Test  2008-2009

ACT Practice Test  2005-2007

Peterson’s Test Prep

Online Practice Test Questions

If you’re looking for individual practice questions instead of practice tests, ACT, Inc. also offers a ton of sample ACT questions on its website.

You’ll get the following number of questions for each ACT section:

Additional Online Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep provides Questions of the Day, Turbo Test, Pop Quiz, and a 20 Minute ACT Workout. Check them out by clicking on each one.  It is FREE practice, you just have to register for an account.