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End of Year Banquet

💙💛End of the Year Banquet💛💙

By Breya Beck


On Tuesday, May 9th, the Waynoka FFA Chapter held our 88th annual end of the year banquet. It was a great evening filled with a delicious meal catered by Zook’s Country Market, multiple awards, proficiencies, accomplishments and the new officer positions were announced for the 2023-2024 year! To start off the night Jessica Goucher sang “Golden Hour.” She sang this song at the State Convention this year in the talent competition. Shay Wilson, Temperance Bouziden, Stetson Nix, Brylee Beck and Madison Blocker each gave a paragraph of the FFA Creed. Tayen Redgate gave her State Runner-Up Speech, “What If?” 

8th graders Temperance Bouizden, Korbin Ferguson, Brylee Beck, Madison Blocker, Trey Hubbs, Journey Hufford, Braden Jones, Stetson Nix, Chase Porter and William Rhode received their “Discovery Degrees.” Stetson received the “Star Discovery” award. Freshman Malachi Moore, Roland George, Andrew Castillo, Brendan Farmer, Colin Myers, Raelee Cunningham, Shay Wilson and Rhiata and Rholton Bouziden received their “Greenhand FFA Degrees.” Shay received the “Star Greenhand” award. Breya Beck, Alivia Seaman, Marlie Pitts, Xhalin Flores and Kennedy Zook received their “Chapter FFA Degrees.” Alivia received the “Star Chapter” award. 

Marlie Pitts received the Star Farmer award. Alivia Seaman received the Kristi Olson Memorial award. Makinze Smith received the Adrian Devilbiss Memorial award. Jessica Goucher received the Layne Meriwether award. 

Brenden Farmer and Teegun Allison received the Agriculture Mechanics Repair and Maintenance proficiency award. Jace Dunn and Lane Inman received the Agriculture Mechanics Design and Fabrication proficiency award. Makinze Smith and Rhiata and Rholton Bouziden received the Beef Production Entrepreneurship proficiency award. Tayen Redgate received the Diversified Agriculture Production Entrepreneurship proficiency award. Kennedy Zook received both the Diversified Horticulture Production Entrepreneurship and Poultry Production Entrepreneurship proficiency awards. Makinze Smith received the Diversified Livestock Production Entrepreneurship proficiency award. Raelee Cunningham received the Equine Science Entrepreneurship proficiency award. Makinze Smith and Tayen Redgate received the Goat Production Entrepreneurship proficiency award. Stetson Nix received the Sheep Production Entrepreneurship proficiency award. Marlie Pitts, Breya Beck, Alivia Seaman, Brylee Beck and Jessica Goucher received the Swine Production Entrepreneurship proficiency award.  

Teegun Allison received the “Star Shop Student” award. Temperance, Stetson, Madison, Rholton, Rhiata, Shay and Korbin received the “Rising Star” award. Kamren Newton, Teegun, Rhoton, Rhiata, Malachi, Colin, Korbin, Chase, William and Xhalin received the “Workhouse” award. 

We presented Mr. Ronnie Nix and Mrs. Keisha Nix with the “Honorary FFA Degree.” We presented Dacia Redgate with the “Mother of the Year” award. We recognized the Waynoka 4H and FFA Booster Club board members Savannah Smith, Chancey Hanson, Melissa White, KC Ferguson, and Randy Hanks and thanked them for their efforts in such a successful trophy auction. We also presented KC with a gift and thanked him for all of the hard work and dedication he has put in over the years. KC retired this year after serving many years as the Waynoka 4H and FFA Booster Club President. 

We viewed our end of the year slideshow to show some of the memories we have made along the way this past year! If you would like to watch it also it will be up on our YouTube page! Jessica Goucher and Tayen Redgate both gave their retiring address and retired their FFA jackets. 

It is time to hand over the reporter's duties to Alivia Seaman as our new chapter reporter! Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the year, and to Savannah Smith, Ashley Woodall and Mrs. Smith for helping me with my state reporter scrapbook! Alivia, take it away!