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Technology today can be extremely beneficial for our students and their learning; however, it can also be detrimental to their development and behaviors during adolescence. Common Sense Media shares insightful tools and articles to keep parents up-to-date on various trends that students are quickly catching on to. Be sure to check this page for updates to see if there is something you may want to talk with your students about. 

Helpful Topics from Common Sense Media:

Social media isn't simply a way of life for kids -- it's life itself. To help them keep their online interactions safe, productive, and positive, we offer the most up-to-date research and guidance on social media basics. Learn about the latest apps and websites, and get tips on talking to your kids about sharing, posting, and avoiding digital drama.

There are some games online that could be beneficial for our children and their learning. Parents and children just need to be aware how much game time is appropriate and how easy it is for games to have inappropriate advertisements online that could distract our children. Common Sense Media has a completed list of best games and recommendations for families:

Got a houseful of gamers? Our editors help you choose the best PC games, plus games for the Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and many other platforms. Our "best games" lists are full of challenging, fun, and age-appropriate picks.

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To help kids maximize the Internet's benefits -- while minimizing the risks -- we offer the latest research, tips, and tools on what really keeps kids safe. Which privacy settings should you use? What are the ins and outs of parental controls? Get tips on everything from the basics, such as smart usernames, to the big stuff, such as appropriate sharing.

Parents' Ultimate Guides

Struggling to keep up with the media and tech your kids are using? Common Sense's Parents' Ultimate Guides can help keep you up to date and answer your questions about all the latest titles and trends. Whether you're trying to figure out if a new app is safe for your teen or if a popular game includes blood and gore, we've got you covered. And if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know!

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