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Woodward District Show Results

Woodward District Livestock Show FFA Results

By Breya Beck



Gilts: Reserve Breed Champion Light Cross, Marlie Pitts. Reserve Breed Champion Poland, Jessica Goucher.

Barrows: 3rd in class 5 Light Cross, Alivia Seamen. 4th in class 5 Light Cross, Jessica Goucher. 7th in class 1 Dark Cross, Breya Beck. 4th in class 5 Dark Cross, Alivia Seamen. 1st in class 2 Dark Cross and 3rd Overall Dark Cross, Marlie Pitts. 

Marlie also received a showmanship award!



Does: 6th place in class 4, Makinze Smith. 

Wethers: 4th place class 7, Makinze Smith. 1st place class 8, Tayen Redgate. Division 2 Reserve Champion and Fifth Overall Wether, Tayen Redgate. 

Tayen also received a showmanship award! 



Ewes: 2nd place class 1 Commercial, Stetson Nix. 2nd place class 4 Commercial, Stetson Nix. 

Wethers: 2nd place Class 3 Commercial, Stetson Nix. Breed Champion Natural and Third Overall Wether, Stetson Nix. 

Stetson also received a showmanship award. 



Heifers: Reserve Breed Champion Horned Hereford, Rhiata Bouziden. 1st place class 2 Red Angus, Rhiata Bouziden. Breed Champion Simmental Influence, Rholton Bouziden. 

Steers: 6th place class 2 AOB, Makinze Smith. 

Rhiata Bouziden also received a showmanship award. 


Tayen Redgate received the “Bud Nelson Scholarship” and the “Jim and Brenda McKay Memorial Scholarship.”


Marlie Pitts, Tayen Redgate and Stetson Nix also qualified for the Premium Sale. We would like to congratulate all of our FFA exhibitors on a great job!


All photo credits to: Alexis Radun Livestock Photos