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FFA Week


By Breya Beck


During FFA week, the Waynoka FFA Chapter is very active in the community. It is also a good time to appreciate the great organization and what it does for our country. 


On Monday, the dress up theme was Hawiian. We also took donuts to the co-op to “Thank a Farmer.” 


Tuesday, the dress up theme was Red, White and Blue! The chapter hosted a “Feed the Leaders” breakfast. We opened this up to the teachers, faculty staff at the school, first responders, EMT’s, dispatchers and the police. It was a great turnout!


Wednesday, the dress up theme was Career Day. Students also participated in doing “Anything but a Backpack.” There were different things brought such as buckets, wagons, feed sacks, a basketball cart, ice chests and even a toddler! 


Thursday, the dress up theme was Camo. We put on a petting zoo for the elementary students. Animals included in the petting zoo were a donkey, a ferret, a turtle, doe goats, sheep and pigs. There was also a chapter meeting, with guest speaker, Brandon Baumgarten. 


Friday, the dress up theme was Flannel Friday. Students also participated in “Driving a Tractor to School Day.” 


Saturday we finished FFA Week off by our local stock show! 


We would like to say a big Thank You to everyone that helped us to make FFA Week a great success!