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Educational Websites

Summer Reading List

This site has reading lists for kids of all ages! 

mClass Home Connect

This site has Guided Skills Practice for:

 (Kdg.- 3rd grade)

*Phonological Awareness                              *Phonics

*Accurate and Fluent Reading                        *Reading Comprehension


Reading comprehesion instruction with free content, curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade

IXL Learning

IXL helps learners develop the skills needed for success in school, college, and careers. Addresses all subject areas for all ages.


Read alouds for kids 


Educational activities in a gaming format for Pre-K through 9th grade

National Geographic for KIds

Learning and fun for ages two through middle school.


Pre0K through 3rd grade learning games.


Reading, Math, games, activities and more

AR Book Finder

Use this link to find the AR level of any book.

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