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Fun Websites

Virtual Field Trips

The Hidden Worlds of National Parks

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Museum Tours

National Theatre at home 


Art Activities

Art – collection of links for art contests, museums, games, etc.

Adventure in a Box – List of things kids can draw

Drawing for Dollars Art Contest – Due May 1, 2020



Twinkl – free activities for elementary students

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? – Excellent resource of activities for every school subject.

Crash Course – Author John Green, along with others created this site for learning just about anything! 

Smithsonian for Kids and Teens

Digital Prairie, Oklahoma Timeline

Historypin – website show google earth images with overlaps of photos from history of specific locations

Dyson Challenge Activities engineering challenges

Offline Activities




Digital Breakouts

Digital Breakouts –  Different breakout “rooms” you can choose.

Literay Digital Breakout rooms – Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, and Lunch Lady themed breakout activities

Library Digital Escape Room



Atlantic White Shark Education – Videos and information from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

School House Rock – YouTube Channel for different school subjects

Natural High Distant Learning Playlist – Videos for middle and high school students 

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