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Digital Enrichment:


Big Ideas Math  – (You will need to log in.)

Math Drills – Games, math facts, and even printable versions available.

Khan Academy - Need help with a concept?  Try searching on Khan Academy.  There are also lessons with questions to answer.

Method Test Prep – Log in instructions are in Google Classroom.  ACT Prep (it isn’t too early to be practicing, 8th grade!)

NASA STEM Engagement – Games, video clips, and activities that all incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Figure This Out – Math Challenges

Math Game Time

That Quiz – math practice

Math Mashup

Mathalicious – Pandemic: How do viruses spread through a population?


Computer I & II

Khan Academy – Disney Imagineering Course

Breakout Room  – Complete this breakout room and then  make your own (and please share with me so I can attempt it!) – The farmer activities are a must! smiley



Khan Academy – Careers

Career One Stop – Take interest assessments and research different careers

Using Google Slides or Google Docs, collect different resources and websites that pertain to your career choice and hyperlink into your file (examples include technology centers or colleges that offer specific training or degrees, companies, photographs, etc.)  


Non-Digital Enrichment:


Google Doc with list of No-Tech Math

Contains resources for games and activities.  Some you can print off, some you just need to read the instructions.  Other materials may be needed.


Computer I & II

Google Doc with list of No-Tech Activities



‚Äč”Essential Jobs”

  • During this time, the terms “essential businesses” and “essential employees” have been used often.  Watch the news, read the paper, and think about your daily life at the moment.  What jobs have been deemed essential?  What jobs (career pathways) are suffering from this pandemic?  Make a list of essential and non-essential jobs. 
  • What is your definition of an essential job?
  • Is this an important factor for you when choosing a career?

Career Pathway Playlist

  • make a playlist with songs that fit your dream career- The songs may not specifically name your choose but may remind you of your chosen field
  • Research a list of movies/shows that highlight your career pathway choice.  Which ones portray your topic most accurately?  Do you enjoy watching the movies/shows on your list?  Why or why not?
  • Challenge yourself to find books and magazines that relate to your career pathway choice.  Search for both nonfiction and fiction, picture books and chapter books.  If this is your chosen path, are you interested in reading any of these books?   Have you read any and if so, do they influence even more with your career choice?


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