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Coronavirus Information

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April 23, 2020


Commencement Contingency Plans


Waynoka High School has developed the following plan for the Commencement ceremony and celebration of our Senior Class of 2020. First and foremost, it is the desire of Waynoka High School to have a traditional in-person Commencement. We do not feel it is reasonable to hold such a ceremony on May 15 as originally planned even if our governmental officials allow public gatherings before that date. Therefore, we are unfolding a three phase plan to hold a traditional Commencement. That plan is as follows:

A traditional Commencement is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2020 at 7:00pm, to be held in the Multipurpose Building. If by June 15, 2020 it becomes obvious that public gatherings of that magnitude are still not allowed, we will postpone Commencement. If postponed, a Traditional Commencement will then be hosted on July 24, 2020 at 7:00pm. On that date, if we are unable to hold such a ceremony due to governmental restrictions, we will release a prepared virtual Commencement on July 24, 2020. The virtual ceremony will be posted to the school website.

In summary:

  1. Traditional Commencement will be hosted on Friday June 26, 2020 at 7:00 pm.


or pending uncontrollable circumstances:


  1. Traditional Commencement will be hosted on Friday July 24, 2020 at 7:00pm (the last opportunity for a Traditional Commencement).


or pending uncontrollable circumstances:


  1. A virtual Commencement will be published and posted to the school website ( on Friday July 24, 2020.

Parents/Guardians of seniors will receive guidelines for the virtual Commencement.






Dustin Smith, Principal

Waynoka High School

Parent and/or Guardian


We were notified Monday by the State Department of Education and State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister that we will not be reopening our doors for the remainder of this school year. Instead, we are now going to move to distance learning to finish out this year's needed credits to graduate or promote to the next grade level. All of this will be announced Wednesday at the State Department of Education Board Meeting scheduled for 9:30 am. The State Department is working hard to put together a framework for schools to follow for the remainder of the year. We will begin meeting with our staff and start preparing a plan for what that will look like in our district and how we can best meet the needs of all of our students. We know many are worried about their child’s education and promotion to the next grade; please rest assured that we will work with you and do our best so that your child will not be negatively impacted. 


Senior parents and/or guardians, I know this is unfair and the worst case scenario for your student. These are unprecedented times for education and our state. It is heartbreaking to come to grips on all they will miss out on as we finish up the year. Please know that we will do everything in our power to lessen the impact on them and restore any events that are planned for them as the state allows. This is heart wrenching for not only you, but our staff as well. They have worked so hard preparing, laughing, and crying with your student to help you mold them into what they have become today. Several of our teachers have been with them since they began going to school here, and it brings great pride to see all of their accomplishments that they have done throughout their career here. 


The one thing I know that is certain is that we live in the best community in the state of Oklahoma. We are all family, and we will all pull together to get through these times and come out stronger in the end. As soon as more viable information comes to us, we will keep you informed as well. We plan to be ready to push out our distance learning plan when the state allows us beginning on April 6, 2020. Please be patient and check your email and our website for updates.


Stay Safe,


Scott Cline, Superintendent

Waynoka Public Schools


Waynoka Public School will be moving to a  Continuous Learning Platform beginning April 6, 2020 and through the remainder of the 2020 school year, as mandated by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.   The campus will be closed to all but essential workers.  Students will be receiving instructions from their teachers on class requirements.  All extra-curricular activites have been cancelled.


Waynoka Public School will be offering grab and go lunches to students through May 14.  Lunches will be offered Monday through Thursday and will be free of charge to the students.  Parents must call in a lunch order between 8:00 am and 10:00 am every day in order for their child to receive a meal.  Lunches will be available for pick up at the front door of the school from 11:30 – 12:30 . 


Waynoka Public School office hours will be from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm throughout the Covid 19 mandated break.  You may contact the school by calling (580)824-4341, (580)824-5151, or (580)824-6561.




For information on the Coronavirus Disease please see the Center for Control and Prevention and the Oklahoma State Department of Health Web site links below.