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Posted Date: 12/02/2020


2020-2021 COVID-19 Basketball Protocols

General Information:

  • Face masks are highly recommended for all spectators while in the building.
  • ALL Waynoka fans will sit on the home side and ALL visitors will sit on the visitor side.
  • Please maintain social distancing at all times before, during, and after the game. Families should sit together where possible.
  • Students in grades 6 and below must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. This does not apply to 5th/6th graders playing basketball on their game nights.
  • Students/Children attending the game will be required to remain with their parent or legal guardian for the duration of the event and will not be allowed to loiter in the concession stand area.
  • Our custodians will periodically clean restrooms and wipe down high traffic areas. We will also be fogging the entire gym, locker rooms, and commons area at the end of the night.
  • All spectators will be asked to leave the gym within 15 minutes of the end of the last game.
  • No one will be allowed on the gym floor after the games.

Concession Information:

  • Our concession stand will be open during the games, we just ask our patrons to maintain social distancing while in line and seated in the lobby.
  • Food and drink will be allowed in the gym this year to assist with social distancing. Please make sure to throw away any trash and find an administrator or custodian if a spill should occur.
  • All concession stand workers will be required to wear a mask and gloves at all times while preparing and serving the food.

Team Information:

  • Visiting teams are encouraged to come dressed for the game. A locker room will be provided upon request.
  • Team benches will be sanitized between every game.
  • Basketballs for warmup will be provided to the visiting team on a designated rack. Game balls will be routinely sanitized during the game.


Please do not attend if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms associated with COVID-19.